Student Aid

Wenshu Monastery practices its charity activities mostly in helping poor students who depend on it. For many the years, student grands have been continuously distributed to support disadvantaged students and take care of school-age children in remote mountainous areas.

The "Buddha-believer as a family" program has been established to supply full-time students with much needed materials for living and education, covering from elementary school to college.

The "Packages of Warmth" program aims to provide remote-area elementary students with supplies such as winter protecting clothing, thermal insulation shoes, hats, scarfs, gloves, socks, and hygienic sets (i.e. toothpaste, tooth brush, towels, soaps, and ernio ointments) as well as sport equipment.

To ensure the specificity and efficacy of the assisting programs, Wenshu monastery has constantly sent social workers to remote mountainous areas of Sichuan, e.g. A-Ba, Gan-Zi, Liangshan, and Ya-An for a thorough investigation and assessment. So far, nearly 3,000 children of impoverished mountainous areas have been benefited from our programs.  

Master Zongxing has pointed out that charity is not just about financial donation. Aside from money support, Wenshu also hosts meetings and seminars with students to exchanges updates on their major of study, academic progress, and future prospects of finding a job. Wenshu monastery actively promotes the "Buddha-believer as a family" program to offer such opportunities and platforms so that the assisted students can meet, contact, and exchange ideas more frequently.

Wenshu monastery also builds social network and paves ways for career development. Many students join as a volunteer member and participate in various charity events hosted by Wenshu monastery. Through these processes, the students not only gain experience and improve problem-solving skills in social settings but find their way to express kind-heartedness and love around; this can be well summarized in one sentence "By uniting one heart to another, the society will be filled with warmth". The program is more than just offering financial aids; the program strives to help students gain true independence while making sure that people in need are helped.

The school aiding programs offered by Wenshu monastery have got strong support from government agencies, educational ministries, and are well received among students and teachers in remote mountainous areas.