Devotion and Retreat


In Dharma, the destination of life is to throw ourselves into the three jewelsundefined embrace.

What are Buddhism three jewels? That is, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.

The Buddha: refers to the awakened one. He can not only awaken himself but also awaken others, the attainment of Perfect Enlightenment, Awakening or Nirvana. He attains the state of perfection through his own efforts, demonstrating that it is a humanly possible feat. Taking refuge in the Buddha, we should follow the Buddha’s example and follow the example of enlightenment.

The Dharma: refers to the Teachings of the Buddha. That is right teachings and correct perception. Through the Teachings, Lord Buddha shows us the way in which we too can perfect ourselves and attain Enlightenment. Taking refuge in the Dharma, we should set correct perception as the right guide.

The Sangha: refers to the monastic community of ordained Buddhist monks and nuns. The Sangha is the inheritors and transmitters of the Dharma. Taking refuge in the Sangha, we should take purity as self-cultivation.

"Only in this way , can we ensure that we can ceaselessly change our life structure on its path, and make efforts to let it go toward the good." - From Master ZongXing’s Dharma talks.

As requested by the Buddhist believers, Wenshu Monastery of Chengdu will hold refuge taking ceremony at the first Sunday of every month, in which broad masses of believers can properly take refuge and build correct perception and view of the life and the Dharma. Through the refuge taking ceremony, believers can officially become a Buddhist.

The religious names of believers taking refuge all begin with the word "miao", and the second word comes from The Lotus Sutra.

Registration Method

Please go to the registration office of refuge taking to fill in the registration form.

Please follow the official WeChat account Chengdu Wenshu Monastery and fill in the registration form online.

Please take your ID card and one-inch standard photo when taking part in the refuge taking ceremony. After the ceremony, you can get the Refuge Certificate by presenting your ID card.

For more information, please contact via 028-86935293.


1. Please Do not wear vests, short skirts and shorts. The length of skirts should be to the ankle and the length of trousers should be below the knee.

2.Please do not wear slippers, do not make hair disheveled, do not wear heavy makeup and do not wear perfume.

3. Please conduct yourself so to feel the solemnity of Three Jewels respectfully.