Lives Protection

In recent years, under the guidance of the core idea called "Practicing HumanisticWorld Buddhism", Wenshu Monastery has been a strong actively advocates of the activities with the theme ofcampaign to "protecting the ecosystemlogy and rescueing lives", hoping that the spirit of active participation into the society will drive more people to pay attention to the environment and to protect the environment, thereby cherishing and rescuing lives.

Master Zong Xing, the monk, the abbot of Wenshu Monastery, pointed out that the purpose of animalmercy release is to elevate the spiritual realm. The correct practice of these release activities could improve the cultivation of "Commitment, Dedication, Gladness and Toleration".

Chengdu Wenshu Monastery actively promotes the ideas of "wise release", "rational releas", "scientific release" and "release with a sense offollowing karma". The Monastery guides the broad masses of followers to better implement the Buddhist idea of protecting creatures through a harmonious combination of this idea with the associated regulations such as Wild Animal Conservation Law of the Peopleundefineds Republic of China, Provisions on the Propagation and Release of Aquatic Organisms, etc. By this means, a much more reasonable and lawful release atmosphere will be created. The Monastery also calls on Buddha Catu Parisa to practice the "compassionate creature protection, reasonable proper release of captive animals", letting these "release" activities with full of compassion and love be recognized by the public.