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Lixin Academy

Lixin Academy

Lixin Academy, managed by Wenshu Monastery, is an academy aiming at promoting traditional Chinese culture.

The name of the academy Lixin, literally meaning "ordaining conscience", can find its reference back in the proverb of Zhang Zai, a renowned Confucian scholar of Northern Song Dynasty: "To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth; To secure life and fortune for the people; To continue lost teachings for past sages; To establish peace for all future generations." The Academy is located in the Wenshu Temple, running in a self-supported fashion. Activities of the academy are hosted by Mr. Tan Jihe, a famous Sichuan historian who has been appointed as the dean of the academy.

The mission of the Academy is to inherit the fine legacy of traditional Chinese culture, and to carry forward the spirit of altruism and humanity around.

Categories of business includes offering courses for traditional culture, organizing seminars for traditional culture, printing study materials, conducting academic research, and hosting cultural exchange activities.

The main tasks of Lixin Academy are to popularize the education of traditional Chinese culture and to conduct research and exchanges.

A range of activities are involved in Wenshu Monastery for the education and popularization of traditional Chinese culture.

These include opening classes for which exceptional scholars and talents are recruited, organizing quality cultural seminars, etc; Printing study materials to address related needs; Exploring beneficial factors for social development, and promoting research of traditional culture that spans both the field of arts and humanity and the activity of social practice.