The Buddhist Academy of Kong Lin


The Buddhist Academy of Kong Lin is a local Buddhist college of Chinese language family, which is sponsored by Chengdu Wenshu Monastery and regards the Buddhism as basic subject. This college tTakinges training talents as its educational goal, whothe college aims to cultivate have the talents with the firm and correct political orientation, who support the leadership of the communist party of China, love our motherland and the socialist system, and obey laws and regulations. Moreover, in terms of the Buddhism, they are devout Buddhist propagandists, teaching professionalsBuddhist teachers and academic researchers, andas well as international exchange international communication expertstalents in Buddhism. In the near future, they would be the senior management personnel of all temples across the nation.

As an important unit for cultivating monk talents, the college takes Sangha education and the propagation of the Buddha dharma as its mission and provides a good learning atmosphere for monks with professional teaching methods, advanced teaching concepts and standardized management system. This college offers high quality and professional teachers, most of whom have graduated from tThe Buddhist Ccollege of China, Singapore Buddhist College and or Malaysia Institute of Buddhism, orand the rest hadve their further study in relatedthe Buddhist colleges in China. They all have not only the Buddhist theoretical foundations but also the practical training abilities. In addition, several culture class teachers are employed to improve the basic cultural knowledge of monks and cultivate their humanistic spirit by combining the Buddhism with cultural knowledge in a diversified way.

The college has been putting great force to improve the learning environment. To build a platform of audiovisual education or online education,all the classrooms haved been equipped with multi-media facilities. The college also organized academic visits and interactive teaching aperiodically,like academic lectures on specific subjects. Meanwhile,the college heolds various sport competitions to enrich the students‘ extracurricular activities. And now,the college cooperates with Sichuan University to share the teaching resources and scientific research resources,so the students can attendbe accessible to a rich variety of more various curriculum resources and social practice. The monk graduated from the college with diploma will also obtain a degree of Sichuan University.

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